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BACTERIOLOGICAL PEPTONEUsed mostly in all culture media and in Fermentation process.Light brown in color and in granular/powder form.
LIVER FRACTION I NFUsed mostly as Vitamins/protein supplement.Chocolate brown coloured paste with 35% moisture content.
LIVER CONCENTRATE PASTE 1:20 (IN-HOUSE SPECIFICATIONS)Used as vitamin supplement.Dark brown in color and is in the form of paste contains 35% moisture content.
LIVER CONCENTRATE POWDER 1:20Used as Vitamin supplement.Dark brown powder derived by drying the liver concentrate paste , at a temperature below 700 C
PROT .LIVER EXTRACT 1:12/1:20Used as Vitamin supplement and also as an anti anemic.Dark brown color paste.
BEEF EXTRACT PASTE /POWDERUsed mostly in all culture media. Preparation of bacteriological work.Light brown paste / powder.
PROT.MEAT EXTRACT 1:10 (IN-HOUSE SPECIFICATIONS)Used as protein supplement.Light brown paste containing 35% moisture content.
OVALECITHIN BPCUsed in the formulations of nervous tonics.It is given for malnutrition.Brown in color and contains a large amount of phosphorous along with Nitrogen.
EGG ALBUMIN FLAKES (IN-HOUSE SPECIFICATIONS)Used as an antidote in the treatment of salts of heavy metals poisoning and also used as a clarifying agentMade from white of egg and is light yellow in color.
YEAST EXTRACT PASTE / POWDERUsed mostly in various tonic preparations as a substitute of Vitamin-B Complex factors and also used in the preparations of culture media for Bacteriological work.Light brown in color.
LIVER INJECTION CRUDE I.P.1:15 / 1:30Used in Pharmaceutical formulations as anti-anemic for human / veterinary use.Dark brown clear liquid free from fibers with characteristic odour.

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